Walls and doors and corridors.
And windows.
You’d forgotten the windows, their brilliant eyes open on the good days.
And this is a good day.
The morphine in sync with your pain. 
The doctor smiling and unhurried.
The sexy nurse not afraid to flirt.
There are other days, and the usual downers within the good:
             the fist-glare of fluorescence, the cold-tabled x-ray, the lonely MRI coffin,
             the glum face of your cousin come from Idaho to see . . . what?
If you’re dead yet?  
A good joke, that, good enough
            to let you smile, to laugh, to surprise the living
            with your cheerful dying.  
It ain’t over till it’s over . . . 
            A late reliever in the late innings, you keep taking
the signs
            as long as they keep coming.

Walls and doors and windows.
A pitch.          
A chance.
You wink.
She winks back.
Call it a good day.



Marc Harshman’s second full-length collection, Believe What You Can, is forthcoming from The Vandalia Press of West Virginia University in October. His four chapbooks of poetry include ROSE OF SHARON, Mad River, MA.  Periodical publications include The Georgia Review, Emerson Review, Salamander, 14 Hills, Poetry Salzburg Review, Appalachian Heritage, and many others in the US and abroad.  His poems have been anthologized by Kent State University, the University of Iowa, University of Georgia, and the University of Arizona. His thirteen children’s books include The Storm, a Smithsonian Notable Book. His monthly show for WV Public Radio, The Poetry Break, began airing in January.  He is the poet laureate of West Virginia.