The art of having an ending

Milla van der Have

- is not hard. I for one
like to think of a garden
preferably in the morning
the trees still forming
in the light.

The air is fresh, even cold
so that my lungs spring
to life as they once did,
sucking in that never-
ending pattern 

and partake in it.

There may be a pond
and the still life of birds
or better yet, a lake.Things
end so much better
near lakes. 

They are wilder and brooding, 
like a bohemian lover
you can never quite fathom.
Her darkness, the promise
of entrance 

the things that may wait for you.

Milla van der Have (1975) is a Gemini. She writes poems and short stories and is currently knee-deep in a novel. Her poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in Rust+Moth, Mud Season Review, Bird’s Thumb and Timberline Review among others. She is the author of Ghosts of Old Virginny (2015, Aldrich Press), a chapbook about Virginia City, Nevada. Milla lives in Utrecht, The Netherlands, with her wife and 2 badass rabbits.