MFA BLAST: Elizabeth Gaucher Featured in Short Story Collection

Elizabeth Gaucher (Nonfiction ’15) will have a short story in the anthology Between the Lines published by Seventh Star Press. SSP is a small press publisher located in Lexington, Kentucky, specializing in speculative fiction (fantasy, science fiction, and horror). Seventh Star Press released the collection this fall.

This book of short stories doesn't have an overarching theme, but it does have a unique catch: Writers were told that all stories had to contain this opening line:

Kelvin pressed against the wound as blood seeped around his hands.

And then, to make things a bit more interesting, all stories were to end with this closing line:

Watching the train disappear into the night, he brought the flower to his nose before tossing it to the tracks.

What happens Between the Lines is the making of this unique collection edited by Bram Stoker Award winning writer and editor Michael Knost. Gaucher's story, “Acts”, highlights her interests in spirituality, children, and mystery.

“Acts” is a powerful story that touched me deeply. Gaucher is very talented.

Michael Knost, award-winning author, editor, and columnist in the Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and Supernatural Thriller genres.

You can find Between the Lines here.

Elizabeth Gaucher is a native of Charleston, West Virginia, and lives in Middlebury, Vermont. She graduated with honors in History from Davidson College and holds a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from West Virginia Wesleyan College with a concentration in Creative Nonfiction. She edits creative nonfiction for Longridge Review. She is an active member of the Burlington Writers Workshop and the League of Vermont Writers. Learn more at